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An Oasis in the Mountains 

— Charlene Pulsonetti

 Hidden among the rocky hills and rolling fields of Julian and the surrounding countryside are yet another surprise — award-winning wineries! Both locals and travelers from around the world are eager to take advantage of this 
popular attraction. 

In Warner Springs, the North Mountain Wine Trail leads travelers on a tasting tour through four locations: Emerald Creek Winery, Hawk Watch Winery, Sierra Roble Winery & Vineyard and Shadow Mountain Vineyards & Winery. After tasting what these wineries have to offer, stop by the Warner Springs Ranch Resort for dinner and an evening in the mountains. 

One of the best elements of visiting the greater Julian area is the fun in getting here.
Winding country roads not only offer a chance to view breathtaking scenery, but also an opportunity to understand 
the “terroir” — the soil and climate — in which the vines grow. Just a few miles outside of Julian town center are a handful of wineries rich with exciting varietals and knowledgeable winemakers.

If you’re looking for a way to settle down after a long day of exploring all Julian has to offer, you’ll find tasting rooms, breweries and restaurants on and around Main Street that offer a variety of local wines, beers and more. 

You never know whom you will share a drink with during a trip to Julian’s wine country — perhaps a local artist, a descendant of one of the original settlers, or even someone from the other side of the world. 

One thing is certain — your experience will be one-of-a-kind! 

Fermented Finds 

A Refreshing Element of Life in the Country 

— Charlene Pulsonetti

Ancient traditions thrive through the tireless efforts of passionate brewers, who are ready to serve their refreshing beverages to thirsty travelers.

Beer brings folks together at local meeting spots, where a pint means socialization, games and relaxation inside historic buildings or outdoors in the mountain air. 

Julian Beer Co. and Nickel Beer Co. bring homemade brews — and a welcoming atmosphere — to their guests.

Julian apples find a snew interpretation at Julian Hard Cider, and the art of honey wine is celebrated at Golden Coast Mead. Julian Wine & Chocolate brings together two favorites, with a selection of chocolates made in San Diego County.

Julian’s brewers offer delicious beverages to complement a day filled with adventure in the mountains. Find what pleases your palate during your next trip to Julian! 

Photo Courtesy Julian Hard Cider

Photo Courtesy Julian Hard Cider

Photo Courtesy Emerald Creek Winery

Photo Courtesy Emerald Creek Winery

Tasting Room Directory

Whether you’re a beer aficionado, a wine connoisseur or you prefer the unique, such as mead and hard cider, there is something for every palate — and the friendly atmosphere and beautiful locations are beyond compare.

Julian Beer Co.
Menghini Winery
Nickel Beer Co.
Volcan Mountain Winery

JULIAN STATION | julianstation.com
The Cooler
Golden Coast Mead
Julian Hard Cider
Julian Wine & Chocolate

Emerald Creek Winery
Hawk Watch Winery
Shadow Mountain Vineyards & Winery
Sierra Roble Winery & Vineyard

Pamo Valley Winery
Ramona Ranch Vineyard & Winery

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