Glittering Gold: Eagle Mining Co.

Glittering Gold: Eagle Mining Co.

Step back in time and learn more about the 1870s Gold Rush at Eagle and High Peak mines, operated by Eagle Mining Co.

Ed and Ellen Sprague purchased Eagle Peak Mine in Julian in the late 1800s, and eventually their son, Harlan Nelson, took over the daily operations until his passing. Today, Nelson’s sons, Craig and Paul, are keeping their grandfather’s dream alive by offering guided tours through one of the oldest hard rock gold mines in San Diego County.

Learning about the history of the mines and the process of extracting gold from quartz are fascinating ways to understand more about the area’s fascinating past. The mines, gift shop and museum are a showplace for tools, machinery, vintage vehicles, gemstones, minerals and fossils — making it easy for guests to visualize how miners lived in the 1800s.

The entertaining and educational experience is fun for all ages.

Eagle Mining Co. opens at 10am daily at 2320 C Street.

Call 760-765-0036 or visit