Community Resources

Photo by Megan Peralta

Photo by Megan Peralta

Julian Library - A Rich Community Resource

— Megan Peralta

The Julian Library is an essential community resource that offers free classes, groups and events, including the Music on the Mountain series, author talks, a nonfiction book club and yoga classes. This is the perfect place to take a breather, use a computer, peruse used books in the bookshop and participate in free activities. 

There are numerous programs to keep kids busy, of course, such as story time, Lego club, movie viewings and crafts. On the weekends, adults can participate in free workshops or take a group ukulele lesson. The library also offers computer help, fitness classes for seniors, and art demonstrations and activities. 

Visit and choose “Julian Branch” to see the full monthly calendar of library events. You can also stop by 1850 Highway 78 or call 760-765-0370 for information.

There are plans to add a new Community Room to the library, which will make it possible to expand programs along with its facilities. 

Julian residents are very proud of the library, so be sure to check it out when you visit

Photo by Angela McLaughlin

Photo by Angela McLaughlin

Julian Chamber
Promoting Julian’s Diverse Attractions

— Megan Peralta 

With so much to see and do in and around Julian, there are endless opportunities for fun and adventure. 

Julian Chamber of Commerce is an active presence in the community, putting a spotlight on events and activities that offer enjoyment and discovery. While committed to supporting its members and the local business community, the Chamber has taken steps to broaden the range of opportunities and entertainment in the area, so there is something of interest for visitors of all ages. 

The Chamber is also invested in promoting Julian as a backcountry destination that offers outdoor fun 
and environmental ecotourism. In addition, it sponsors numerous events throughout the year.

The Chamber operates Julian’s visitor center, located in Julian Town Hall at 2129 Main St. This is the place to go to find information about shopping, lodging, eateries, events and attractions — with friendly staff members available to answer your questions.

As it promotes Julian’s diverse activities and events, the Chamber is dedicated to helping visitors enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the area all year long. 


Julian Pioneer Museum

Immerse Yourself in Local History

— Charlene Pulsonetti

Julian Pioneer Museum, located at 2811 Washington St., is rich with historic artifacts from the region’s early days. From Native American relics to pioneer clothing and gold 
mining tools, there is something to capture everyone’s imagination.

Even the building itself holds historical significance, serving as Joseph Treshil’s blacksmith shop in 1888, a brewery, and later the museum.

Volunteers are on hand to answer any questions visitors may have, but there are also plenty of informational placards for those who prefer a self-guided tour.

The museum is open Thursday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., but hours may vary depending upon volunteer availability. Call 760-765-0227.

A large mural inside the museum, painted by Walter J. Willoughby in 1947, depicts Julian at Christmastime during the Gold Rush era. 

Native American arrowheads, pottery, baskets and other artifacts make up a large percentage of the museum’s collection. One of the more interesting displays is a metate fireplace, created by the Julian Woman’s Club in 1952. The metates, or grinding stones, were collected in 1926, when Highways 78 and 79 were paved through Julian. 

Once you have explored the museum, take a leisurely stroll around Pioneer Park, home to the Witch Creek School building, which is now the Julian Historical Society, and The Stageline Garage.

Julian Pioneer Museum is a great starting point if you’re looking to explore the rich history of Julian and the surrounding area. Don’t miss this important community resource



‘Tis the Snowy Season

— Megan Peralta

As everyone knows, snow is simply water vapor frozen into crystals.
These lovely crystals form the delicate flakes that adorn local streets, sidewalks and yards each winter. 

The Julian area is one of the few locations in Southern California lucky enough to experience snow in the winter months, which serves as an enchanting backdrop for holiday festivities.

This natural phenomenon promises plenty of fun, but it’s also important to be considerate of others when planning to come and play in the snow. 

Streets and residential areas should always be respected, and private property laws are in effect, even on snowy days. Guests should avoid trespassing, sledding in Julian Pioneer Cemetery and blocking driveways. 

It is also wise to be sure that vehicles are properly equipped to handle snow and ice. 

For everyone’s convenience, public restrooms are available behind Julian Town Hall, and there are plenty of areas open to the public for snow play. 

By planning ahead and being respectful, both locals and guests can enjoy the fabulous frosting of snow that adds beauty to the holiday season